Access control systems

STANLEY Security provides multiple options when it comes to managing your access control system. Depending on your solution, we can provide either a software or web-based management applications, which your team can use to easily manage your access system. This solution is ideal for small- to mid-sized offices or facilities with consistent schedules and staffing.

In addition to installing your system, we will provide complete remote management of your system over a secure, web-based application. We can administer your badging and cardholder database, manage door lock schedules, and provide activity/exception reports as needed. These solutions can benefit many businesses in industries like distribution/logistics, where staffing and schedules can frequently fluctuate.

Our access control solutions include:

  • Controlled access to secure areas
  • Activity reports for review and auditing
  • Photo ID Badging
  • Integration with video surveillance and intrusion protection
  • Software-based and web-based managed applications
  • Compatible with proximity cards, smart cards and biometric technologies

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Want to implement an access control system into your business?

Our access control and door entry solutions are designed for a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from small businesses that require complete plug-and-play systems, to extremely demanding, complex environments requiring seamless and effective 3rd-party integrations.

We can also integrate your access control systems with intrusion detection systems, video surveillance systems (CCTV), fire detection systems, time and attendance systems, and any other security systems you operate. Our company has skilled technicians and offices across the UK, and our Customer Service Centre in the UK provides 24/7 monitoring and support.

We offer a wide of state-of-the-art access control systems from door intercoms, card and proximity tokens to biometric recognition and hands-free systems from leading manufacturers, such as: STANLEY, PACOMPAC, Paxton, Lenel, 3xLOGIC and GDX.

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