CCTV/Video monitoring


Enhance your security and protect your people, property and assets 24/7, with the help of our monitoring services.

Protecting what's important to you

We believe security is of utmost importance, and even the slightest of threats needs to be dealt with quickly - to keep people, premises and valuables safe and secure. This can be difficult for businesses to manage, which is why we offer a range of remote, 24/7 (in- and out-of-hours) solutions, so they have the peace of mind required to focus and prosper.

We monitor CCTV systems, intruder, fire, personal attack, lone worker alarms and building management systems as well as providing asset tracking services and outsourced call handing, tasking and help desk functions. Specialist telecare solutions are available including mobile based assistance and lifestyle monitoring.


Intruder alarm monitoring

An intruder triggers your alarm, what happens next?
Intruder alarms are great for deterring unwelcome guests from trying to access unauthorised areas. In the event an intrusion is attempted, the alarm activates and starts to ring. But what happens after that? Wouldn’t it be ideal if you were notiļ¬ed of the intrusion? Or perhaps if the police were immediately called to the scene?

Our 24/7 intruder alarm monitoring service takes care of reducing the risk of intrusion, and helps you to avoid potential damage and inconvenience, by:

  • Implementing fast-response automated actions to combat activated alarms
  • Immediately informing you of attempted intrusions when premises are vacant
  • Setting up a Unique Reference Number (URN) for automated police response
  • Identifying and managing false alarms.

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