Keep track of time worked in a simple and cost effective manner with STANLEY Security.

We specialise in time and attendance solutions to help customers accurately, simply and cost-effectively track time. Our solutions help automate day-to-day time and attendance tasks, reducing paperwork to facilitate easier adminstration.

Our time and attendance solutions deliver accurate workforce data for all sizes of organisations across a range of market sectors including retail, manufacturing, hotels & leisure and retail.

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With a time and attendance solution from STANLEY Security you can:

  • Keep accurate data and track all time issues
  • Integrate with other programmes such as payroll
  • Simplify processes and reduce administration time
  • Help minimise costly overtime expenses
  • Provide real-time information
  • Use biometric, badge or facial recognition for data capture


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  • Benefits

  • "Employees can quickly track and enter their work time, see how much holiday time they have used and submit holiday requests"
  • "Receive notifications of absenteeism and late clock-ins automatically and analyse workforce data at the click of a mouse"


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