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Securing the best solution

For any organisation hoping to implement a new or updated electronic security solution, the range of products available can seem perplexing. Product manufacturers have raised their game in recent years and there are now many products out there providing a never ending array of features and functionality to improve safety and security for your organisation.  

With such a large number of options available, it can be difficult to find the best solution for your business. However more choice in the market should work to your advantage, offering more flexible solutions with additional functionality to best address your security needs, for now and as your business changes.

To guide you through the process, we have outlined some of the key considerations to ensure you invest in the best electronic security solution for your business.

1. Determine your objectives

What is your security system needed for? How will it be used within the business? If you can be specific about your security system requirements, a tailored solution can be designed with all the key features you need.

2. Understand your risks

Addressing your security risks requires an integrated approach to ensure that systems work together to deliver the best results. Security companies should respond to clients’ needs by installing a flexible, well-designed integrated solution with access control, CCTV and intruder alarms working together to deliver a better, more effective security solution.

3.    Prioritise your requirements

A new security system is a considerable investment for any business and budget is often an issue. Compiling a list of essential and optional items helps to prioritise your budget. If there is no flexibility in your budget you may want to consider other procurement options that are available. Security is now often sold as a service, whereby your security equipment can be installed and maintained as part of a package with regular payments over an agreed term. This type of solution will enable you to benefit from the right security solution for your business now without having to compromise on any features.

4.    Maximise added-value from new technology

Recent developments in technology have seen equipment costs coming down while system functionality has increased. Security products can now cost-effectively assist other functions of the businesses, such as Health & Safety, productivity and personnel management. While it’s still early days for some innovations, you should consider leveraging technology such as analytics and artificial intelligence for your business.

5.    Futureproof your solution

Understanding your short and long term business needs will allow you to choose a solution that is flexible to adapt to suit your business as it changes. Considering any potential future requirements now will allow you to design the system with them in mind, allowing for easier upgrades to adapt systems rather than having to look at installing new systems completely.

Whatever sector you operate in, security is of paramount importance to any business and good physical security systems are an essential investment. If you team up with an experienced installer you can realise the benefits from a cost-effective security solution, selecting the best products and software to meet your business needs now and in years to come.

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