Dan Braden-Astbury, Business Development Director with STANLEY Security, discusses how technology is changing the face of security.

New technology is intended to make life easier. However, as the security industry progresses, offering seemingly more complex solutions, understanding how you can take advantage of new security technology can be a challenge.

Security systems are designed to help organisations keep their premises, people and assets safe and the most commonly used security systems are intruder alarms, access control and CCTV systems. To ensure you have a future-proof and cost-efficient way to manage your security risks, IP-based systems are now well worth considering.

IP (internet protocol) is fast becoming the technology of choice for many organisations looking to upgrade or replace security systems. Offering increased functionality, easier installation and integration than analogue systems as well as long term value for money, there is now a wide
choice of IP-based systems available to suit all budgets and security requirements.

Digital video
Installing a CCTV system is one of the most popular security measures taken to protect premises. As digital technology has developed, IP video cameras offer useful functionality such as remote viewing, high resolution imagery, video analytics and event management that’s beyond the capability of traditional analogue CCTV systems.
With manufacturing costs coming down, digital video is no longer just for the big budgets – there are many affordable entry-level products available, making IP-based systems accessible to organisations of all sizes and requirements.

Access control
As digital technology advances into access control solutions, we can see similar trends in the market. Networked access control systems are increasing in popularity for small systems as well as larger installations. Presenting lower installation & maintenance costs with enhanced capability, IP-based access control systems can deliver many benefits to the end user, whether it’s a 10-door system or hundreds of doors.

Stay connected
The practical application of new technology results in flexible solutions that can be tailor-made to solve your security issues. IP signals are transmitted securely enabling remote viewing, monitoring and maintenance of IP-based security systems, resulting in cost savings and enhanced efficiencies. For example, software is readily available that allows remote viewing of video footage on mobile phones so business owners don’t
have to be onsite to keep an eye on things, meaning that an IP camera system can be a valuable management tool for any business.

Work smarter
We all know the value of hard work. But we also know that sometimes taking a different approach can pay dividends. By making the best use of digital technology you can leverage additional functionality from your security system that will improve not only your security but also the overall efficiency of your organisation.

With a growing awareness of how IP security technology can make the task of security management easier, the trend towards IP security systems will continue. Don’t be limited by new technology – take advantage of it and speak to an experienced installer to get the best solution to protect your organisation.

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